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Who We Are

We are a group of developer driven individuals passionate about creating Software.

The demand for creating complex websites that accompanies the development of web systems is increasing year by year. Arcturus Technologies can provide one-stop service from website front-end to back-end system development. This makes it possible to utilize the know-how of website production specialists and system development specialists to develop web systems with excellent usability and accessibility-friendly interface design that are highly satisfying to customers.


We will check your requirements and define and organize your information. It also defines the objectives, goals to be achieved, and necessary functions.


Based on the defined information and functions, we perform design work necessary for development such as interface design and database design.


Based on the design We will create a web with a good balance of "usability," "visual design," and "accessibility," develop systems in the latest development language, and build an environment in the cloud.


The website isn't over public. We provide operation services including maintenance and management after publication, continuously manage and operate your website, maintain a high level of usability and accessibility, and update information speedily.

What We Do

We have everything you need to launch and grow a successful digital business.

It is possible to create and develop various applications as well as Web applications. We are also good at developing in cloud environments, so we can also develop in serverless environments and IoT products.


Even if you do not have the specialized knowledge required for web production, you can manage and update sites and contents in-house, reduce costs, and disseminate information speedily. I mainly use wordpress. We also develop our own plugins.

Mobile Phone Apps

We will develop Mobile phone apps.(Excluding iOS) Implement applications linked with various APIs.

Desktop Apps

We develop desktop applications and extensions such as EXE, DLL, and Jar. Also, Visual Basic for Applications, etc. We will also develop extended functions for application software included in Microsoft Office.

API Integration

API linkage such as REST is performed from the front end and back end to the external server. We will also develop APIs. (LINE / Google Map / Open Street Map / Yahoo Map / Stripe / Square / ZOOM / Twitter / Google Calrender / etc..)

Public Cloud

Alibaba Cloud, AWS, GCP, azure, etc.Build a cloud environment. Regardless of the WEB, we will build IoT, various serverless environments, product cooperation, etc. Please leave the CLI operation etc. to us.

Development Languages

The main development languages ​​are as follows.
PHP / node JS / Python / Golang / Java / VB(.net)/ C(Pro C)/ Java Script / Angular JS / Riot JS / jQuery / ASP / HTML5 / CSS3(BootStrap)

Operation systems

The main OS is as follows.
Windows / Linux / SUSE / CentOS / redhat / ubuntu / FreeBSD / Android / etc..

Server Apps

The main Server Apps is as follows.
Polar DB / MongoDB / MySQL / PostgreSQL / SQLite / MSSQL / IIS / Apache / Nginx / etc..


The main Tools is as follows.
Docker / K8S / Vim / npm / comporser / LINE / jenkins / git(hub/lab) / Slack / ZOOM / Kintone / Andriod Studio / Anaconda / Ecripse / Visual Studio(Code)/ Robo 3T / Postman / etc..

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Get in touch and come up with great ideas together.

Where To Find Us

Sapporo City, Hokkaido Japan

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